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"Reasons For Hatred" is a story about two best friends who were separated during their childhood. The spotlight then zooms in on Hadassah as she authentically and passionately shares her story about the sexual abuse, murder and death that occurred in her life during her adolescence. It is a story about an ordinary person faced with extraordinary trauma and how she came to forgive and learned to embrace wholeness. 

"While Working on this project, I found the process quite painful. It was a struggle to pen. This was the first time I have walked down these corridors of memory lane in detail. There was so much loss in my life during this time. Little did I know that transferring these events onto paper would prove to be therapeutic for me but God knew. Working through this project had manifested a deeper level of inner healing in me than I have known. I know miracles are usually instant but healing happens in stages."

"When God found me, my condition was comparable to what was described of Israel in Ezekiel 16:6. "And when I passed by  you and saw you rolling about in your blood. I said to you in your blood, Live!" I was in my blood of pain, brokenness, hatred, and revenge when God said to me, "Live!" and that's when life began."
A Powerful New Book And Riveting Story Based On True Events